A Wedding Service that Perfectly Suits You

A lot of time, effort and thought go into planning the perfect wedding. You want the perfect dress, venue, cake and flowers, and guests that will behave themselves no matter where they’re seated. You also want the perfect wedding ceremony, which naturally includes a marriage officer who perfectly understands your wishes and beliefs.


I am an ordained minister as well as a secular marriage officer; this means I offer traditional (and non-traditional) religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies. I firmly believe that that you should get exactly what you want on your wedding day, so I work with you and your partner to ensure that your ceremony perfectly reflects your love for each other.


All-round wedding services

You have a lot on your mind when it comes to your wedding – my job is to ensure the ceremony is one less thing for you to worry about. Not only will I help you tie up your ideas so that your wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch, but I can also help you with your vows, and my services even extend to legal counsel to get your marriage off on a steady footing.


I am fully qualified to draft an antenuptial contract that benefits and protects you and your partner. A marriage contract may not be the most romantic idea in the world, but my advice for all couples is to at least consider one. It’s not tempting fate; it’s being prudent.


I will also issue a marriage certificate and register the marriage with the Department of Home Affairs, and so at least loosen some of the knots in the red tape surrounding matrimony.


A marriage officer for all seasons (and reasons)

With 15 years experience and countless happy couples behind me, I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t in all types of marriage ceremonies. So why don’t you put me to the test.


• If this is your first marriage and you’re not entirely sure what you want in your ceremony, I can help you.

• If this is your second, third, maybe even your fourth marriage and you have an excellent idea of what you don’t want in your ceremony, I can help you.

• If you’ve been married for twenty years and you want to celebrate your 21st anniversary by renewing your vows, I can help you.

• If you want a traditional Christian ceremony with all the bells and whistles, I can help you.

• If you want a short, sweet and non-religious ceremony, I can help you.


"All-in-all, I can be of service, no matter what you want from your wedding day"


I work primarily in Gauteng, but travel is not precluded. English is my language of choice, but I am prepared to butcher Afrikaans at your discretion. Contact me to find out more about my all-in-one marriage services.

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